Spalling Issues

  • Brick
  • Case Study: This picture shows extensive damage from leaking skylight flashing resulting in spalling of brick. Even with all the obvious water penetration, little to no staining is evident.

  • Spalled brick area
  • Detail of spalled area

  • Close up of spalled brick
  • Close up of the spalled brick showing deposits in brick which are the source of staining. These deposits exposed to air and weather consistently have no staining around them.

  • Manganese staining
  • Area of brick showing staining under a sound roof. The water that caused this staining migrated slowly internally to a dry area and left the stains on the surface upon drying.

  • Brick
  • Our Conclusion: Water saturation and migration to a dry area is the consistent cause of these types of stains, not the brick and not our chemistry...


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