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InStrip - Non-hazardous Interior & Exterior Stripping Agent

Non-hazardous Interior
& Exterior Stripping Agent

InStrip Remover Product Specification | InStrip Remover SDS/MSDS
InStrip is a paste-type multi-layer, interior and exterior paint stripper that can lift primers, solvent and water-based paints. The product also removes various wood finishes, such as varnish, shellac and stains. Works excellent on wood and will not raise the grain.


* Non-toxic and non-corrosive
* Low VOC
* Low odor
* Will not fuzz or discolor hard and soft wood
* Suitable for furniture stripping
* Has a wide range of applications
* Paste clings on vertical surfaces.
* pH Neutral
* Safer for the applicator

Complementary Products



Graf-Ex is a liquid stripper that removes ink, marker and graffiti from interiors, painted surfaces and fiberglass. Graf-Ex will also remove decal adhesive, silicone caulk and sealer from sensitive surfaces.


AcryliStrip is a solvent-based sealer, stain, and paint stripper that has a wide range of applications.


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